Eco Friendly Home Decor Ideas

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House is supposed to be a comfortable place for our live but with global warming now we need a green atmosphere inside the house. To make it happen we certainly need to decorate the green plants, in addition to making the room a fresh home also make eye suppose comfortable. Today we want to share Eco Friendly Home Decor Ideas that make green back room is not difficult. This is a unique Plant pod  and adorable, with cute shape and made beautiful wool and delicate, hook and felted. funny shape for children and can play, tell a plant in the hair of adorable animals, such as cat, dog, birds and many others.

This funny pod can be collections according to your taste, can also be used for mini beasts zoo in your house, of course, as you room dominant green color. This design is not limited in the pod, you can also choose octopus air plant hanger as a hanging plant container. ere detail Eco Friendly Home Decor Ideas may be useful to you and give you inspiration.

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