Wall Hanging Art-Cardboard Chefpanzee By Boris Klimov

unique wall hanging art 6

Furniture in the room should be interesting and unique, but have you ever seen a gorilla head on the wall of the house of others as ornaments ?? you might think it’s really nasty. but you do not rush to judge this project, This is incredible art is amazing. Boris Klimov a designer from Russia makes a gorilla head of cardboard and make life seem. This work completely out of cardboard which he cut with a pattern that has been in print, then he carefully folding to form a gorilla head. as you can see is real gorilla expression even was smoking a cigarette with a chef’s hat. he creates surprising matches to replace the habits of the animal heads hanging. This would be more useful and artistic if it becomes a decoration in our room. I really like this work and now I share it for you, If you agree with me you also can share to your friends.

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