6 Tips to Get Beauty Nature Photography


Today I will share how to get beauty nature photography, as we know nature is a place where we can find beauty, nature also can provide a sense of comfort to everyone who saw. Many ways to enjoy nature and the many ways also to catch it and make memories for us. With photography we can capture the beautiful moments that exist in nature, but we need techniques to get good pictures. This 6 ways to get incredible natural photography.

1). Learn About Capturing The Best Moments

the moment of photography is an important factor to get a good photo results, and to get the right photo we must know what is the best moment. When the one object or two objects of nature comes at the same time. Like a cloud covering the sun, at the time the light of sun biased by clouds and produce beautiful light, especially during the morning or afternoon. Another example is when water flows from the top of the cliff which is in the green area. If you are adept at capturing the right time you already have the skills to become a photographer.

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capturing the best moments of nature  7 capturing the best moments of nature 1 capturing the best moments of nature 2 capturing the best moments of nature 3 capturing the best moments of nature 4

2). Learn How To Get The Right Light

Light is the essence of a work of photography other than the best moment, the light affect the results of our photos directly, with a low light in dark conditions result in the images we are less clear. And excessive light in bright conditions will result in the images are too sharp. For that we need to learn to regulate of light entering. In fact it has been equipped camera light settings, but sometimes we do not know how to set it up. For that we need to learn about our equipment before starting a photo session. But you can also use tools such as external light, the reflection of sunlight, or the reflection of moonlight.

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best lighting nature photography 1 best lighting nature photography 2 best lighting nature photography 3 best lighting nature photography 4 best lighting nature photography 5 best lighting nature photography 6 best lighting nature photography

3) . Focus To The Object

Capture the natural landscape is difficult, and we are going to catch the subject is broad, for the reason that we need to learn to focus on what we want to capture. Sometimes we took this photo from a difficult angle, for example of the grass with the aim of a distant mountain, if we want to focus on the mountain then we should focus on is the mountain, but sometimes we forget to focus our cameras, so that the images blur, or reverse. The camera has auto focus settings artifacts, it can facilitate you who are not familiar with the manual focus. But you also have advanced to the manual focus I think the focus will get the exceptional nature photography amazing.

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best nature photography  3 best nature photography  4 best nature photography 1 best nature photography 2

4). Use a Tripod Whenever Possible.

Support tools such as a tripod is required to perform photography nature, as needed stability for photographing nature, a lot of tripod that we can use, can be small, high, or medium, depending on the contours of the land and natural conditions.

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best nature photography 5 capturing the best moments of nature 10 capturing the best moments of nature 11 capturing the best moments of nature 12 capturing the best moments of nature 13 capturing the best moments of nature 14

5). Take Close as Possible To The Target.

This way you will get a clearer picture and detail, for example, you want to catch insects on the leaves or take a new picture of small mushrooms growing. This technique is called macro photography, because it is made of small things look great. The more detail and get closer to your subject will get amazing results impressive.

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macro photograpy of animal


macro photograpy of insect 2 macro photograpy of insect 3 macro photograpy of insect 4 macro photograpy of insect 5

6). Expand The Experiments

Every effort must be an error or failure of the process, it is possible. Therefore multiply experiment with your camera. If the photo you take feels bad then repeat in different ways, but do not delete the images before, because it can be taken into consideration. much more you fail, the more knowledge and experience you get.
World of  photography will continue to evolve and art will never die. While we try and keep trying to pass the limits of what we would get people who have never done. And nature is our place to live nature is our friend. Perbanyaklah mengakap natural beauty and spread throughout the world. Save the nature and reforest the earth. Of 6 stages above may be useful to you, and if you feel good uni please for sharing.