Amazing Pencil Micro Sculptures by Salavat Fidai


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We usually use a pencil to write or draw, but did you ever think to make a sculpture with a pencil. it’s really thinking outside the box, Salavat Fidai is a talented artist who can do that. He makes sculptures of carbon pencil, yuup pencil tip which we usually use weeks to write, he magically turned into a statue of remarkable detail. he created the sculpture with the shape of the skull, Batman, Darth Vader, an Oscar, a key and lock arms and other characters.

craft knife and a 4x magnifying glass is a tool that he uses to do this artwork. he carved pencil with caution so as not to break, calmness carve pencil hand when the deciding factor. You can see the intricate details as well as the thin end of a pencil not an obstacle for him to continue working. Macro lens he used to photograph these sculptures Amazing micro pencil.

Salavat Fidai