Best Redesign Superheroes Characters

redesign superheroes characters

Characters in the world of entertainment, especially movies or comic is basically essential to the story. many characters have been created by the artists in dedicated to movies or comics. design and specific characteristics of each character has been recording with the concept of mature, therefore, many movie fans who are interested to make a copy. but with good intentions, namely to pour new ideas for existing characters.

Daniel Kamarudin aka theDurrrrain is one of the designers who have been inspired to  Redesign Superheroes Characters favorite movies with style in itself. he is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. and the results show that he is really quite remarkable. These characters become more dramatic, elegant and appear to have more power than ever before.


redesign black widow redesign captain America

redesign the vision character redesign quick silver character redesign scrarlet witch character redesign the hulk character redesign thor character

redesign ultron character redesign iron man character redesign hawkeye

Images Source by theDurrrrian