Brilliant Underwater Photography by Jorge Cervera Hauser


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Underwater photography is photography that is difficult to do, especially for amateurs. This because it requires special techniques and equipment that is not cheap. However, many photographers who like this job, perhaps one of the reasons they do underwater photography is to capture the beauty under water. Well it is really quite remarkable cool underwater world. Unique creatures, and the distance we see on the ground, as well as the beautiful colors of coral reefs. Jorge Cervera Hauser is a talented photographer who is very keen to do this, this is a hobby and a job at the same time. He lived in mexico city, Mexico. This talented man born in 1984 and he was also the winner of the reality television show Animal Planet Unearthed in the second season, the work he wants us to share with you this is the best moment to catch marine animals such as turtles, dolphins, sharks, crocodiles and whales.

Jorge Cervera Hauser