Environmental Portrait Photography Tips

Environmental Portrait Photography Tips
Environmental Portrait Photography Tips

Today I will share environmental portrait photography tips to be Better, the first thing, Do you know what is meant by environmental portrait? Environmental portrait photograph that someone in their habitats, photographing the doctor who is treating the patient or teacher was teaching, or a cashier who was counting the money where they are in the environment in which they live everyday.

Environmental Portrait Photography Environmental Portrait Photography Tips

portrait photography not only have indoor, outdoor but also involving people with various activities. Environmental portrait provide challenges as it relates to the moment and the expertise that we have. Generally we do not have the opportunity to prepare the lighting and the moment passed just a few moments so that the necessary foresight to record it.

Environmental Portrait Photography 02 Environmental Portrait Photography Tips

Ok, here are some tips for successful environmental portrait Photography:

1. Use a wide angle lens

Wide angle lens with a wide angle would be advantageous to record the subject and their environment. Focal length under 50mm, 35 and below can be used more freely and we get closer to the subject because of the wide viewing angle. The thing to note is the shutter speed for the subject can perform different jobs, which require different settings.

2. Raise the ISO

in many situations we will be faced with minimal lighting such as indoor location or night. By raising the ISO we can work especial aperture and shutter speed to get the image as you wish. Advanced camera today is equipped with noise reduction features, so do not worry too much as long as the noise is not too extreme.

3. Think about the environment

this also environmental so would involve the surrounding environment, whether you want to capture a fruit vendor in conjunction with the shop or want to zoom and only record the subject and its activities. All depending on your choice, whether to include or silence the crowd, because the environment will berdmpak greatly to the success of the environmental image.

4. Get the best moments

Moment is at the core of this kind of photography. What is sometimes not observed others can be displayed in accordance with our language. So the eyes should always roam, or we deliberately waited particular moment. The moment when the seller serve buyers is a natural moment and the resulting picture will be better able to tell, compared to only poses among his wares.

5. Applicable polite and communicate well

We need to understand that the subject is busy taking care of all the work that we need to be patient and good communication will facilitate our work. If you are not yet able to get a good picture can be the subject was very busy and could return another time at leisure.

Environmental portrait is very challenging because it requires an understanding of photography, as well as good communication skills and sensitivity to any special moment.