10 Expert Tattoo Artists World Should You Know

10 Expert Tattoo Artists World Should You Know

Why the title of this post is 10 Expert Tattoo Artists World Should You Know. because according to the version 99inspiration.com, this 10 tattoo artists who have works of extraordinarily beautiful. If you ask why should you choose an expert to design your tattoo ?? because your body will be in the picture permanent with ink that can not be removed, because the tattoo is characteristic of ourselves, if the faucet and beautiful tattoo design that would become the pride. and if your tattoo artist wrong to drawing or ugly then you will be disappointed. therefore you must have a tattoo design artist who understands and expert. The following 10 Expert Tattoo Artist in the world.


Ron Earhart is part of the Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv in San Jose, California. With a background in painting, skate deck design and sculpture, Earhart draws on the texture and three-dimensional elements found in his artwork to create his tattoos. He incorporates multiple layers into his work which are often framed by distinctive thorn, or blade-like features.

Ron Earhart artist tattoo


Having been in the industry for over 25 years, Guy Aitchison is famous for his abstract biomech artwork, which allows him to transform the body, creating a fusion of biology and technology. His passion for the style sees him regularly working on collaborations with other artists.



Jeremiah Barba has been tattooing for over 15 years and is known for his dark surrealist style. Barba’s twist on the traditional black and grey Giger style is created by adding hyperrealistic portraits and skulls to his designs. A regular traveller to tattoo conventions, Barba is currently working from theConclave Art Studio in California.

JEREMIAH BARBA Artist tattoo


Tattooing since 1993, Californian-based artist Mike Cole is instantly recognized for his brightly-colored geometric tattoos. Cole is in a class of his own, taking his time to build hundreds of 3D shapes, each with perfectly straight lines and sharp corners. He applies an isometric grid onto the skin and develops each unique design directly on the body.

MIKE COLE Artist Tattoo


Julian Siebert works under the name Corpsepainter in Munich, Germany. He creates intricate designs that can appear to be highly realistic due to his close attention to detail. The depth of his compositions are a credit to his amazing ability working with shading and highlights.



The art of Stepan Negur has been getting a lot of attention because of the way he uses luminous color to highlight parts of his black and grey tattoos. In true biomechanical style, Negur creates works that give the impression of see-through skin, revealing dark and evil insides.

STEPAN NEGUR Artist Tattoo


Jeff Croci admits that he is known for the speed in which he can complete a detailed tattoo—not surprising, considering he has been tattooing for over 20 years. Currently working from 7th Son Tattoo in San Francisco, Croci’s biomech art features organic patterns that give the illusion of internal tendons, muscles and bones, and when combined with his thorough shading and highlights, make for highly detailed and complex compositions.

JEFF CROCI Artist Tattoo


Well known for his elaborate geometric tattoo sleeves and back pieces,Delaine “Neo” Gilma creates biomech tattoos in a similar style. His art is inspired by sci-fi, graffiti and comics, which is visible in his work through his heavy use of black ink, saturated colors and 3D shapes. Neo is based in Switzerland and showcases his work here.


Paco Dietz has a worldwide following, with clients traveling great distances to his studio in California to get one of his tattoos. Featuring muscle tissue, distorted forms and morphing elements, he creates recognizable designs through his use of vibrant color, making his art appear to glow on the skin. Some of his flash tattoos have been featured in his “Biomorphe” book series.

PACO DIETZ Artits Tattoo


The black and grey designs of Canadian artist Eric De L’étoile often give the illusion of see-through skin, a feature that throws back to the art of H.R Giger. Inspired by the darker side of reality, De L’etoile has perfected the use of shadow to create his signature-style which incorporates movement, texture and depth.

10 expert tattoo artist above is 99inspiration.com version, and hopefully inspire you to get a tattoo with a cool design, amazing and wonderful.
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