10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies
10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

There are numerous evidences which are proves of Human Evolution. From the Stone Age to the Agricultural Revolution, from the Agricultural Era to the Industrial Revolution and from the Industrial Era to the Technological breakthrough of Computer Age. Man has evolved a lot since then. Kudos to us for that!

The computer world has gone from introducing us to the Microsoft Office to the World Wide Web via the internet, and then the World Wide Web introduced us to the world of Socialization. During this time, we have come all the way from Yahoo to Hotmail and from Orkut to Facebook. We have some more apps and sites to keep us busy today, namely: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Flickr. With a global audience as large as 1.44 billion, social world has its own set of requirements. You have to be active, you should keep posting, you have to check in and check out, you shall not disrespect, insult or abuse anyone by your social actions, you must abide by all the rules and regulations of the social world, you have to comment and appreciate your social world friends and above all, you shall post good SELFIES of yourself every now and then.

Selfies Oh Selfies!

Selfie is a photograph taken of oneself that is usually shared on the social media. Today taking a selfie is a social obligation. You have an event, time to take a selfie. You visit a new place take a selfie. You meet a celebrity take a selfie. You meet your friends take a selfie. You wear a new dress take a selfie. You wear a new tie take a selfie. You wear a new lipstick take a selfie. You are getting married take a selfie. You are at the hospital take a selfie. With so many selfies in the plate, there are always some good selfies and some bad selfies. However, there are some secrets behind selfies, which can let everybody take the perfect selfie.

The Secrets behind Perfect Selfies

1.  Pick the Right Settings

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Every phone or digital camera has different camera results. Even the DSLR has to be adjusted according to your lighting and the way you want your picture to be. You will have to find those “JUST RIGHT” settings for your light and face accordingly. I usually choose to take my selfies with autofocus and in beauty mode. Beauty mode softens the beauty imperfections like: pimples, scars and wrinkles. If you do not have the patience to pick the right settings, go for applications like candy camera or b612, etc.

2.  Find the Right Angle

Find the Right Angle 1024x576 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

A universally known fact is none of us is perfect and even if we are, there are certain imperfections that keep us from feeling completely confident and satisfied. With makeup, we can change that to quite some extent, the rest of the beauty lies in finding your right angle. The right angle can work wonders for you. When you take your full pictures with a lower angle, you will look tall and slender while if you take a picture from an angle higher above, you will look smaller and chubby. The reason people end up taking awkward selfies is that they do not know their good angles. As for the face, there is a certain angle through which your face will look slimmer and more symmetrical.

3.  Capture your Selfies in Good Lighting

capture your selfies in good lighting 1024x576 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

Good Lighting and Bad Lighting can be the difference between a good photo and a bad photo. A picture shot in bad lighting will be unclear and will not show the right features, which would have been rather prominent if the picture was shot in a good lighting. To be precise, for the best results take your pictures in the sunlight. Not where the sun directly shines on your face but where there is optimal sunlight to keep all your features showing. Natural lighting is the best lighting: it gives off positive vibes from your pictures and makes your skin look great. If you are taking a selfie in your room, go near the window to take advantage of the sunlight.

4.  Always keep your Camera at an angle Higher than your head

4. Always keep your Camera at an angle Higher than your head 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

Keep your camera at an angle higher than your head when taking a selfie. It can make your face look slender and medium bob hairstyles awesome while keeping the camera below your face can make it look like you have double chin. This is why selfie sticks are invented, I guess, and why they have gained popularity in such a short time. Extend your arm, keeping it above your head, just like a selfie stick and CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!

5.  Use props to make it interesting

Use props to make it interesting 1024x576 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

Always be creative! Use different adornments to make your photos look more interesting. When going out in the sunlight, wear your glasses and your hat instead of squinting in the pictures. During the night, add some BLING to your pictures by wearing some flashy pieces of accessories.

6.  Choose a Good Background

Choose a Good Background 1024x576 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

There have been so many cases where you capture just-the-right moment, but in the background, you see a whole lot of mess. I remember taking a perfect picture with a random man picking his nose behind me. Ewww! That was not something I could put up on my Instagram so I obviously had to take more selfies with a better more tolerable background. Never forget to clean your room when taking a selfie in your room.

7.  Don’t forget to Smile!

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Smile is the key to every heart. So if you want others to like your picture, please do not take a picture with a rigid face. Put a smile on your face. With the right angle being captured and a smile on your face, your selfie cannot go wrong.

8.  Be Random. Be Spontaneous. BE YOU!

Be Random. Be Spontaneous. BE YOU 1024x576 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

Make faces, pout, frown, smile, shush, laugh or make a duck face. Be as creative as you want to be and go a little easy on yourself. Have fun while taking your selfies. If you are going to take a selfie just because you are at a party and you are bored, your boredom will show on your face and chances are it will turn out to be a not-so-perfect selfie. Give yourself a quick hairdo or simply hold your hair up. Make a tongue-out smiley or wink if you want. Just remember to have some fun while clicking your photo and it will turn out great.

9.  Number does not Matter

Number does not Matter 1024x576 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

Nobody really gets to have the perfect picture in the first attempt. In order to take a perfect one, you might need to take from as many as 6 to 60 selfies. Out of the 60 selfies you just took, there owe to be 6 perfect ones. Do not freak out from the number or worry about space. Keep the good ones and delete the bad ones. Later you can post the good selfies of yourself and get hundreds of likes.

10.  Use those Editing Apps

Use those Editing Apps for coloring 1024x576 10 Simple Ways to Take Better Selfies

Once you have chosen the selfie you like the best, it is time to use those editing applications on your phone. There are applications that allow you to fix your imperfections, do your makeup, whiten your teeth, brighten and enlarge your eyes and even increase your height. Once you have fixed all the flaws, it is time to further enhance your photo with the right kind of filter. Filters are how celebrities without makeup manage to look good. Apply the filter/s and VOILA! Your selfie is ready to be posted.