Beautiful Hand Lettering Designs

Beautiful Hand Lettering Designs

The Hand Lettering can be simply defined as “the art of drawing the letter”. A lot goes into making the letters look right, and it’s a completely different topic, but the concept is very simple: specific combinations of letterforms made for single use and purpose as opposed to using the previous letter was designed as a component, such as typography. Often the letters are hand drawn, pen, graphite or brush, although some people start their work directly in Adobe Illustrator. Similar carvings and art related to the letter.

In making hand lettering, word for word placement should always be considered. Therefore, we first use the pencil in anticipation of an error scratches. The slightest mistake we make will affect the final result. Some things to note for example the distance between the letter to letter and word to word that should always be consistent, the harmony of shape, style used, as well as the ornaments were added. If it does not looks right, erase it. Before you move on to the next step. Below are examples of Beautiful Hand Lettering Designs that may inspire you

Beauty hand lettering font Beautiful Hand Lettering Designs


Source Image Lettering by Pollisco