Best Capturing Macro Photography of Bee

Best Capturing Macro Photography of Bee

Capturing photo of insects such as beetles, butterflies, bees or even ants as the object has become a trend. Especially for those who like Macro photography and the outdoors, would often make the insects into the model. However, to be able to obtain a photograph of insects as we want it is not easy. Because the insect is not a model that can follow the instructions as we want.  Even the emergence of insects we want to portraits could not be any time. Depending on time and weather, sometimes depending on the season. It takes patience and practice, and execution quite a lot to get a perfect result.

But different with this professional photographer Borid Godfroid . he always brought photos of the amazing results , each picture has a meaning, clear photos, extreme and close-up. The insect who was captured styled like a professional model, they are calm even enjoy activities such as taking the nectar of flowers or other. The following are the results of Macro photography of bee.

Bees, what would we do without them. I have heard people use feather dusters in some places where the bees have died out, to pollinate the crop. These are a healthy lot too, looking strong and well groomed. Lion-like with their big manes – is what they remind me of. That they are feral, gone wild in a local forest, might be significant to their health. Having nobody exploiting them. No doubt they have their difficulties but they can always be seen to take clean water from near the flow. Never doubting their common purpose or function, as bees. Being free of our questionable chemistry.

Credit Image by Borid Godfroid

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