Cool and Creative Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Creative and Cool Self Portrait Photography ideas

For thousands of years, artists have used self portrait Photography as a means of perfecting their technique. From ancient cavemen, to the classical masters, to Salvador Dali in the 20th century, artists have looked to self-portraiture not only to discover new aspects of their artform, but also as a means of self-discovery.

Self portrait photography is simply an exploration of self. Driven by the idea of becoming your own subject, Self portrait photography is an exciting challenge to improve your skills and creativity as an artist. So next time you are running dry of new ideas, take up the assignment of photographing yourself the person behind the lens. Get a little crazy and be ready to capture self expressions and feelings.

There are a lot of practical reasons why a photographer needs to take a Self Portrait Photography. You might need a photograph for self promotion or various social media accounts avatar picture. Or you might decide to try some fresh genre and expand your photography skills. Sometimes there is no model available at the moment you find a brand new photography technique that you want to try immediately. You are the best subject to experiment on before venturing into photos of other people. Learning how to represent yourself could also help you to look at yourself from the other side and see yourself as others might see you.

Today, photographers world-wide are stepping out from behind the camera, and placing themselves in front of the lens. Thanks to photo-sharing websites that display thousands of beautiful and unique Self Portrait Photography, many photographers are finding that not only is self-portraiture a wonderful, exhiliarating way to practice composition and lighting – amongst many other skills which are valuable to portrait photographers – it is an honest expression of self, and a way to share their experiences with other photographers.

Each of the photographers whose work is featured in this post has their own unique way of expressing themselves in front of the camera. Some use natural light, while others use studio lighting. Some take a more natural approach to post-processing, whereas others take a more conceptual route. Whether you consider yourself an amatuer, or a full-blown artistic self-portrait photographer, these Cool & Creative Self Portrait Photography Ideas are sure to inspire you to step in front of the lens.

Beautiful Self Portrait Photography Ideas


Beauty Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Federica Giordano 

Cool Self Portrait Photography Ideas


Creative and artistic Self portrait photography idea

Ian Norman 

Creative and Cool Self Portrait Photography ideas


Creative concept Self Portrait Photography

Steve Pontbriand

Creative Self Portrait Photography examples

Zack Ahern

Creative Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Crina Purice

Creative Self Portrait Photography inspirations


Good Self Portrait Photography examples

KatB Photography

Good Self Portrait Photography idea


Good self portrait photography ideas

 Brett Arthur Donar

Brian Day

Unique Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Alexander Rubinski 

Wonderful Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Miguel da Silva