4 Years Making Spectacular Sculptures in Old Tree Trunk

4 Years Making Spectacular Sculptures in Old Tree Trunk

China has a long tradition of wooden sculptures. For centuries they are  transforming pieces of raw wood into works of inspiring art. At first glance, this giant tree trunk seems like the doing of a termite infestation. Upon a closer look, however, you notice that this is a highly detailed, intricate work of patience-shattering time and a hand that’s steady AF.

The man behind this amazing work is Zheng Chunhui, This talented Chinese artist spent the last four years meticulously carving a detailed replica of a famous traditional Chinese painting called ” Along the River during the Qingming Festival ” in the trunk of a little over 12 feet long tree.

 Spectacular Sculptures in Old Tree Trunk by Zheng Chunhui

It Takes Time To Become Timeless

The work took four painstaking years to complete and must be amazing to show off. Upon closer inspection, you’re likely to think, “only four?” Most people cannot imagine sketching the concept in that amount of time, let alone carving it to perfection. The breathtaking beauty of his work simply can’t be expressed in words, you must see for yourself . As you can imagine, Zheng Chunhui needed a mountain of patience to complete his masterpiece of wood that displays boats, bridges, buildings and more than 550 people individually carved. Impressive!

Making Sculptures in Old Tree Trunk by Zheng Chunhui

The Chinese artist was also honored by the Guinness Book with the new world record for the longest wood carving , measuring 12.286 meters of long, 3.075 meters in height and 2.401 m width. When we hear of ” masterpiece” , this is just the kind of creation that deserves such title. Zheng Chunhui definitely deserves all the attention.