Modern Women Wearing Traditional Ukrainian Crowns Give New Meaning To Ancient Tradition

Modern Women Wearing Traditional Ukrainian Crowns Give New Meaning To Ancient Tradition

Photography is one of the best ways to preserve traditions, and that is just what Slavic workshop Treti Pivni (translated as Third Rooster) is doing with their series of women and children in traditional Ukrainian headdresses. The team is made of photographers, stylists, and makeup artists who are smitten with Ukraine, and use photography to share the beauty and unique customs of their homeland with the rest of the world.

It was created to pay homage to their homeland while sharing a message of peace, tenderness, and knowledge of the Ukrainian culture with the world. Traditionally, these floral headdresses are worn by young, unmarried women as a sign of their “purity” and marital eligibility. In pre-Christian times, they were even thought to protect innocent girls from evil spirits. Currently, after the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, the headdresses are being worn in daily life to symbolize national pride.

Now this photo shoot was about Making hats (hand-made) which are called wax diadems (crowns), all this was made for the world chess championship. You can find their team on social networks and ever purchase their photo calendars to support them!

Beauty Traditional ukrainian hats 1 WonderfulTraditional ukrainian hats traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni Stunning Traditional ukrainian hats Stunning Traditional ukrainian hats 1  Beauty Traditional ukrainian hats 12 Beauty Traditional ukrainian hats 10 Beauty Traditional ukrainian hats 8 Beauty Traditional ukrainian hats 4 Beauty Traditional ukrainian hats 2

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