35 + Beautiful Hand Lettering Styles by Dimaz Fakhruddin

35 + Beautiful Hand Lettering Styles by Dimaz Fakhruddin

Art has a long history, in the earlier ages, back in decades art was raw, it was clear but not so clean, now art has strong roots and strong footings, people study the entire field and then pursue it as a profession. In this way there is a little room of slip-ups and more room for originality and innovation. Hand lettering is a God gifted talent, some artists are so open to experiments and tough contenders of their appointed tasks that they leave no stones unturned to get the expected and planed outcome.

Today I am unfolding before you 35+ beautiful hand lettering styles by Dimaz Fakhruddin aka Dimazfakhrhe is a talented artist from Malang, Indonesia. Look at the way the artist has given finest, natural and beautiful elements in the lettering, it seems as if he has years of experience in this field, his skill is very well executed because each of the poster is readable, understandable and vocal in the pictorial depiction.

The words are harmonized, tossing in the rhythm and not making their flow messy, words are clean and making a soft pattern altogether. You will also find motivational and eye opening quotes written in hand lettering.

I am sure it would be a great Inspiration for all those beginners who are not much familiar with the twists and turns of words and the monopoly of the lettering sentences. Do give us your feedback so to help us making our posts and collection improved and inspirational. Have a look!

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