Creative Art : Embroidered Fiber Art by Danielle Clough

Creative Art : Embroidered Fiber Art by Danielle Clough

Contributing to placing Cape Town on people’s radar in a whole new way, Danielle Clough is a local, multi-talented visual artist, who is part of an emerging crafts-community aiming to redefine Fiber Art.

Although initially entranced by the fashion industry, Clough’s sewing skills soon developed into a powerful drawing tool that produces a range of embroidered designs, from detailed, life-like portraits and pop-cultural characters, to flowers, animals and quirky emojis.

The portraits featured here were produced by Clough for the upcoming book Queer Africa II, a collection of new stories about love on the continent of Africa. The editors, Makhosazana Xaba and Karen Martin, were drawn to Clough’s work for the publication because of the conceptual linkage of her layered yarn to the personal narratives told in the book, which Zaba explained “adds meaning and speaks to the zigzagging nature of our lives.”

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