Engraved Entomology: Stunning Digital Illustrations by Billelis

Engraved Entomology: Stunning Digital Illustrations by Billelis

Billy Bogiatzoglou (aka Billelis) is an art director, illustrator and digital artist living in Brighton, England. Fascinating series of illustrations which he describes as “a series of personal explorations combining genetic mixology infused with a hint of pattern design.”

He concentrated on key motifs evoking different periods and styles: Aztec, Roman, Greek, Celtic, folk culture, but also influences of geometry, ornamentation and Space Invaders. He spends countless hours experimenting, learning, and expanding his digital skills to create a personal style that can be best described as a “colorful graphical explosion” using his sketchbook, a Wacom tablet and his overactive imagination.

engraved-entomology-beauty-digital-illustrations-by-billelis-99 engraved-entomology-beauty-digital-illustrations-by-billelis engraved-entomology-creative-digital-illustrations-by-billelis engraved-entomology-stunning-digital-illustrations-by-billelis-5 engraved-entomology-stunning-digital-illustrations-by-billelis-44 engraved-entomology-stunning-digital-illustrations-by-billelis-77 engraved-entomology-stunning-digital-illustrations-by-billelis-99 engraved-entomology-stunning-digital-illustrations-by-billelis engraved-entomology-unique-digital-illustrations-by-billelis-99 engraved-entomology-unique-digital-illustrations-by-billelis engraved-entomology-wonderful-digital-illustrations-by-billelis

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