The Polywood: Toy Animal Concepts Rendered in Polygons by Mat Szulik

Cool Toy Animal Concepts By Mat Szulik

It would seem that playing with actual toys for kids these days is a thing of the past, after all, why bother when a phone can store more games than an entire house ever could?. Freelance illustrator and 3D artist artist Mat Szulik straddles the two worlds of digital and physical in this fantastic series of conceptual wood toys based on digital polygons.

Titled PolyWood v1.0, features 8 different animals all crafted in digital form in a geometric low poly style that you would find in a classic video game. They might not be carved from actual wood, but it’s still a seriously cool concept.

unique-toy-animal-concepts-by-mat-szulikcreative-toy-animal-concepts-by-mat-szulik toy-animal-concepts-by-mat-szulik-7 toy-animal-concepts-by-mat-szulik toy-animal-concepts-rendered-in-polygons toy-animal-concepts-rendered-in-polygons-by-mat-szulik unique-toy-animal-concepts-by-mat-szulik-7  cool-toy-animal-concepts-by-mat-szulik

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