Adorably Tiny Polymer Clay Animals That Fit on Your Fingertips

Adorably Tiny Polymer Clay Animals By Ramalama Creatures

If you feel comforted by tiny animal companions, then RamaLama Creatures is going to make you real happy. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the adorable polymer sculptures are hand painted with a ton of intricate detail and finished with a glossy varnish.

Vilnius-based artist Raminta is the creator and maker of Adorably Tiny Polymer Clay Animals. Fascinated and inspired by the diversity and beauty of Nature, Raminta started to create her own animals, using polymer clay and acrylic paint.

She’s always had a fascination with the beauty of nature—her childhood was spent on the Baltic Sea shore. After graduating with a degree in photography, she dedicated herself to “mastering skills and perfecting design” of her characters. It usually takes days to create a single animal.

‘The process of every animal character development is very individual and personal, creation starts with a single ball of clay and usually takes days to complete the sculpture until it is exceptionally carefully hand painted with the maximum of details, capturing essential attributes and traits of animal personality.’

Below is a small selection of Raminta’s tiny polymer clay animals but you can see more on her Facebook and Instagram.

adorably-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures-1 adorably-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures-77 adorably-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures-99 adorably-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures-1 adorably-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures beautiful-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures cute-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures extremely-cute-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures extremely-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures-99 extremely-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures stunning-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures-77 stunning-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures-99 stunning-tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures tiny-polymer-clay-animals-by-ramalama-creatures

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