Stunning European Cityscape Watercolor Painting by Igor Dubovoy

Stunning European Cityscape Watercolor Painting by Igor Dubovoy

Igor Dubovoy composes Stunning European Cityscape Watercolor Painting, Illustrations inspired by the Romantic and Realist Movement. He is a Moscow-based artist whose passion for drawing started since childhood.

Although he doesn’t have any professional art education, he composes impressive Watercolor Paintings, mostly depicting landscapes and cityscapes inspired by his trips. With the use of soft pastel colors, Dubovoy uses a delicate brushstroke to compose the narrative of the colonial European cities scenic architecture.

Featuring Venice, Moscow and Prague among many others, he captures their classical beauty and highly traditional skillful manner. From candy colored sky to foggy skylines, the essence of the old world is beautifully depicted.

beautiful-european-cityscape-painting-by-igor-dubovoy european-cityscape-watercolor-painting-by-igor-dubovoy-99 european-cityscape-watercolor-painting-by-igor-dubovoy stunning-european-cityscape-painting-by-igor-dubovoy-77 stunning-european-cityscape-painting-by-igor-dubovoy-99 stunning-european-cityscape-painting-by-igor-dubovoy stunning-european-cityscape-watercolor-painting-by-igor-dubovoy-99 stunning-european-cityscape-watercolor-painting wonderful-european-cityscape-painting-by-igor-dubovoy wonderful-european-cityscape-watercolor-painting-by-igor-dubovoy-99 wonderful-european-cityscape-watercolor-painting-by-igor-dubovoy

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