Brilliant And Interactive Street Art By Caiffa Cosimo

Brilliant And Interactive Street Art By Caiffa Cosimo

Aiffa Cosimo, a street artist in Italy, was born in Gallipoli in the province of Lecce May 26, 1979. He creates clever street art murals that interact with and incorporate their surroundings, seeming to leap off of the walls and invade our world.

Cosimo has worked on developing his photorealistic street art techniques ever since he moved to Milan, and it shows in his work – the faces in his murals are getting more and more realistic, and this helps them break down the wall between art and the real world.

As a child shows an interest and an inclination for drawing and painting. He grew up surrounded by artists and art lovers including an uncle and a friend’s father, a famous painter from Gallipoli; watch them often at work, and from them he learned the techniques of painting on canvas.

More info: (h/t: streetartnews, theinspiration)

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