Gorgeous and Emotional Portrait Photography by Jasem Khlef


Here’s a saying that there are only two emotions, love and fear. But, under those umbrella emotions are many definitive ones that express their own level of fear or love. For most people, it would seem that capturing an emotion would be easy; but, as a photographer, you probably already know otherwise.

getting authentic emotion out of your subject can be a tricky course to navigate. Many otherwise easy-going individual tend to tense up once they get in front of the camera while, on the opposite end of the spectrum, others go overboard with exaggerated smiles or all manner of unpredictable and unflattering facial expressions.

Jasem Khlef is a talented self-taught photographer who was born in Nasiriyah, Dhi Qar, Iraq and currently lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Jasem shoots Gorgeous and Emotional Portrait Photography, what you see is the result of hard work, different faces and emotions in each person. at a glance you can feel what they feel, but it’s not fully represent their emotions.

beautiful-and-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef best-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef-7 emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef gorgeous-and-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef-1 gorgeous-and-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef-77 gorgeous-and-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef-99 gorgeous-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef wonderful-and-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef-77 wonderful-and-emotional-portrait-photography-by-jasem-khlef

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