Understanding The Rules Of Third Composition For More Beautiful Photographs

Getting To Know The Rules Of Third Composition For More Beautiful Photographs

Composition Rules of Thirds is one of the principles of photographic composition of the best known and most popular for the majority of fans portrait photographs. Rules of this composition became the foundation for the balance of picture elements so that the overall picture appears more unsightly.

In the photo’s composition, rules of thirds is just one of the many principles of other compositions. And each of these principles is not mandatory lived, but to be creative, they say must know the new rules could break it.

What is the Rules Of Thirds Composition?

On the rules of thirds, photo field is divided into three equal parts both vertically and horizontally so that you have the same 9 area is great. As such, we now have a four-point meeting.

Fourth meeting point dyed red above can be said as the four points of the eye. So the rules of thirds composition theory tells us that if we put a “point of interest” aka the most interesting part of a picture at one point, then the whole picture will be more balance and unsightly.

Not all four points to be filled simultaneously, just one. And elements of a point of interest that could be either an object or a human images of inanimate objects.

In the science of design stated that while viewing an image, the human eye is naturally drawn to one point above than the midpoint of the center image. So that the image prepared with the composition rules of thirds more comfortable for the eyes in line with the way our eyes see it.

If you look closely in the picture above, point of interest is located right at the intersection of the four points of the eye. While the other room is relatively empty. Rules rules of thirds also said that no part of a photo that is not worth, even if it’s just background or the space left blank. As such an empty space is part of a combination of artistic photo.

How to apply the composition rules of thirds in the photos?

In studying the rules of composition rules of thirds, there tigal things we should always remember and questioning before your finger pressed the shutter release button:

  1. Any point of interest (POI) of our photos. Which parts are the main actors of the most interesting in our pictures?
  2. Then divide the picture in the viewfinder into the intersection as shown above
  3. Which dititik next point of interest, had wanted to be placed?

That’s what is meant The Rules Of Third Composition, hopefully this article can provide knowledge and inspiration over to you, and share this article if you feel this helpful

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