20+ Creative Miniature Creations By Japanese Artist Tatsuya Tanaka

17+ Creative Miniature Creations By Japanese Artist Tatsuya Tanaka

A miniature usually takes as long or longer to produce as a large piece of art. A fine miniature can be magnified many times and it will still hold together as a fine work of art of much greater size. Most artists can work large, but few have the skill and discipline to work miniature.

Today inspiration come form Japanese Artist Tatsuya Tanaka. He started creating these stunning miniatures every day since 2011. Using everything from slices of bread, earphones, banana skins, and Pringles tins, Tanaka gives life to these everyday objects.

Whether he’s using a bottle cap to recreate a restaurant scene or turning green plastic straws into a bamboo forest, the artist knows how to turn even the most unremarkable household item into something truly unexpected. Vote for your favorite below, and then check out more of his work on Instagram where he has almost 600k followers.

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