4 Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Designing Billboards

4 Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Designing Billboards

Most Common Design Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Creating your Outdoor Hoarding

When timed perfectly, outdoor hoarding is a very powerful marketing channel. This is why it never got out of fashion. Outdoor hoarding is an old craft, and so is its design. Thanks to this, we can examine cases when it was done right and learn from those that went wrong.

Here are the most common design mistakes that you must avoid if you are a lead designer for an outdoor hoarding campaign.

1. Putting to Many Details on Billboard

Unlike other ads, billboards are the type of ad that is very limited in terms of time and exposure to its target audience. Since these are planned to be on display in high traffic areas of the city, drivers and public transportation passengers have a really limited time to have a look at them. This is why you have to avoid using too many details in your design. Professionals with an experience working for a graphic design company advise that it should only contain:

  • The company logo and name
  • Contact information (official website address, email, or QR code if it’s near a bus or metro stop)
  • A photo or graphic that catches attention
  • A slogan which is consistent with branding strategy

2. Not Leveraging the Power of Creative Graphic Design

Many outdoor hoarding campaigns were doomed to fail because their design simply didn’t help them stand out. You should never underestimate the power of creative graphic designs. Look for a graphic design company that has experience in designing outdoor hoarding ads. The goal is to create something truly unique and worthy of people’s attention. It is not by chance that creative advertising became one of the leading trends in the marketing industry.

3. Forgetting About the Consistency

Consistency is a very important part of any marketing effort. Ignoring it in one of the marketing channels will cause it to underperform. The same applies to outdoor hoarding. This is why it is important to design the billboards while taking care that you don’t stray too far away from company’s branding efforts and its character.

There are two key aspects you should never lose sight of. One is the color palette you are choosing for the design and the other is the typeface in which you will write a slogan, the company name and any other additional information.

4. Forgetting About Visibility

This is the most common mistake made by outdoor hoarding designers in the past. Everything found on the billboard has to be seen from afar. This is why spacing and font size has to be chosen accordingly. Keep in mind that the colors are not the only ones that evoke emotions, fonts have that power too.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated when it comes to avoiding these mistakes. If you don’t have a designer, or an experienced designer for that matter on your team, make sure that you partner with a renowned graphic design company. If you want to find out more about online hoarding, feel free to read any of the relevant resources found online.

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