Hand Lettering Inspiration by Colin Tierney

Hand Lettering Inspiration by Colin Tierney

In recent years, hand lettering has taken off in a huge way. Whereas typography is the art of arranging type in appealing ways, hand lettering is a painstaking but rewarding process where each nuance of the letters is drawn manually. In some cases, hand-drawn designs are later digitized, and there are even some instances of artists drawing letters on top of photographs.

If you pay attention, you’ll probably notice hand-drawn lettering almost everywhere. From product packaging to album covers, hand lettering is capturing attention and giving artists the recognition they deserve.

Although hand lettering requires a lot of patience, it’s relatively easy to learn. That’s largely due to the fact that some of the leading artists publish online tutorials and explain each phase of their creative process.

It’s hard to find some people that don’t love typography, and I’m not different. Today I’m here to showcase the work of Colin Tierney, a guy that breath typography and letters, this is his life and it’s perfect clear just looking for his work.

Colin is a freelance Graphic Designer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. He specialize in identity & print design, hand lettering and illustration. Check out his work at ierneystudio.com and follow him on Instagram at @tierneystudio. Here we’re bringing just a glance of what he has been doing lately.


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