Giant Hyperrealistic Portrait Paintings By Joongwon Jeong

Giant Hyperrealistic Portrait Paintings By Joongwon Jeong 11

Artist’s stunning portraits that are so realistic that they look more like photographs than paintings

At a first glance these pictures look like well-taken photographs, but look a little bit closer and you’ll notice they are actually paintings. Joongwon Jeong is a hyper-realistic painter from South Korea who uses acrylic paint on canvas. The artist meticulously uses real models, photos or busts of historical characters to create his works.

Each of his paintings are so detailed many people mistake them for photographs, as Joongwon has the skill to paint such delicate brush strokes he can detail every pore of his subjects.

There is no hiding when the talented Korean artist starts and his unbelievable painting of Sir Ian McKellen shows his face in incredible detail and intricacy.
Joongwon said: ‘My preferred medium is acrylic on canvas as it is so versatile and its effect ranges from thick, oil-like texture to watercolour splashes.’

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