Meet Hana, A Japanese Kitty With the Most Beautiful Eyes

Meet Hana, A Japanese Kitty With the Most Beautiful Eyes

This Japanese Kitty With Incredibly Big Eyes Who Is Taking Instagram By Storm

Are you a cat lover? Even if you’re not, you need to meet Hana. Hana’s a Scottish fold kitty from Japan with seriously beautiful eyes. They’re huge, hazel (or maybe green?), and seriously stunning.

Hana’s life is pretty leisurely, as any kitten’s life should be. She spends most of her days just being adorable and getting a bunch of snuggles for it, includes snuggling around, napping, being cute, and hanging out with her buddy the bird named Sai! Yes, you read that correctly. But truthfully, Hana can’t help how adorable she is.

Unlike other cats, Hana not only lets the little birdy live in peace but she plays with him too! What an adorable and unexpected relationship, huh? You can take a peek into Hana’s day-to-day life below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite pics!

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