Wonderful Adventure Photography by Caroline Foster

Wonderful Adventure Photography By Caroline Foster 3

The adventure of photography is just the action of photographing the adventure, usually in the wild. It is a niche that is determined by the amazing scenery, the dynamic personality, and the challenging and ever-changing shooting conditions.

Some adventure photographers may simply enjoy the excitement of exploring new areas of the world. Others may find their adventure in stunning acts of daring and amazing courage which may drive many to fear the very thought. Still others may find theirs in the challenge of exploring the vast geometry of some urban jungle, capturing the contrasts between the hard angles of architecture against the soft lines of nature.

Caroline Foster a.k.a. Wilderness Addict is a talented self-taught photographer, adventurer and mountain addict who was born in New Zealand and currently lives and works in Montana, USA. Caroline shares her passion for adventure, mountains and the great outdoors via visual storytelling.

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