Beautiful Personified lace creations by Agnes Herczeg

Beautiful Personified lace creations by Agnes Herczeg 3

Agnes Herczeg , the Hungarian artist who personifies lace. His know-how in lace and embroidery allows her to make these creations both poetic and delicate. The artist uses pieces of wood that she adroitly dresses in colored lace. She draws characters with a certain sensitivity and a history.

In one piece the subject stands at a loom, appearing to weave herself from the included fibers. In each of her works Herczeg uses all natural materials, incorporating small pieces of wood or other found materials to serve as a sculpture’s bed frame, hair accessory, floating vessel, or small shelf.

Herczeg studied textile conservation at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and over the years has gathered several methods of embroidery and lace-making to use in her work such as needle lace, pillow lace, macramé, and more.