Professional Pictures Cheap Camera Phillip Haumesser

Professional Pictures Cheap Camera Phillip Haumesser

Photographer Tired Of People Saying His Pro Camera Did All The Work Buys The Cheapest Camera And Lens To Prove Them Wrong

When photographer Phillip Haumesser started posting his works online he received a bunch of comments that read something like: ‘wow, you must have a great camera’ or ‘anybody can take photos like these with expensive gear’ or ‘I can’t take photos like these because I can’t afford an expensive camera like yours.’ This started to really bother Phillip so he decided to prove that it’s not all about the camera.

He decided to prove those commenters wrong and inspire them to get out there and shoot with whatever they have. He bought the cheapest camera and lens he could find on eBay – a used Canon t2i for $183 and a Pentax 50mm 1.7 lens for $15.

Then he took this sub $200 equipment and his kids out for a photoshoot and brought back these photos for the finishing touches in Photoshop and Lightroom.

What do you think about the final results?

More info: Phillip Haumesser photography (h/t)

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