Creative Miniature Art by Tanaka Tatsuya

Creative Miniature Art by Tanaka Tatsuya

Amazing miniature art of Tanaka Tatsuya will be displayed below. The miniature art is simply cool, beautiful and eye-catching. Tanaka beautifully create them and yes, skill is required to create something exceptional like this.

Tanaka Tatsuya is a talented and skilled artist in Kumamoto in 1981. Tanaka certainly not lost the wild imaginings and mind’s eye. He creates full of fun tiny diorama every day for the past 4 years out of food and other everyday objects. All images can be seen here and the site which is updated regularly by him.

“Broccoli and parsley can be seen in the forest and leaves of trees floating on the water look like a boat. Considering everyday things from a miniature point of view, I will think about various interesting things. I thought that I wanted to shape these ideas as a photograph, and started “miniature calendar”. I mainly take pictures of dolls for diorama and daily necessities as a motif. Since I update it on the homepage and SNS everyday like a daily calendar, I came to call it “miniature calendar”. Written down in Miniature Calendar.

“Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once,” writes Tatsuya of his “Miniature Calendar” project. “Broccoli and parsley might sometimes look like a forest, or the tree leaves floating on the surface of the water might sometimes look like little boats.”

I think you would like the way he works and create such incredible miniature art by using everyday stuff. Really appreciate it.