Minimalist, Colorful and Dreamlike Instagrams by Artem Pozdniakov

Minimalist, Colorful And Dreamlike Instagrams By Artem Pozdniakov 1

Artem Pozdniakov a.k.a. 360brain is a multi-talented 26-year-old art director, web designer and digital artist who was born in Severomorsk (closed town located behind the Arctic circle) and currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Artem combines few photographs or objects, he creates stunning minimalist and colorful collages. Combing few photographs or objects and brining a long time in art history but never has been distributed so fast until Instagram-era developing nowadays.

Artem Podzniakov’s Instagram is the latest addition to the wall of fame in Combined Photography, even having some repetitive works we’ve seen before he creates new “meaningless objects” in a very unorthodox way

More info: instagram

VIA : Photogrist 

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