Stunning Bachelorette Ideas for the Sassy Bride-To-Be

Stunning Bachelorette Ideas For The Sassy Bride To Be

Every bride deserves a bachelorette party. The groom gets his bachelors party as if his married life is going to be full of sacrifices. Well, today’s Indian man is growing to be quite the responsible adult so he does deserve his bachelor’s party. But nothing changes like a woman’s life after marriage. And she needs to be reminded that she still deserves to have fun and relax with her friends whenever she finds the time either at home or at the venue itself like marriage hall.

All about the Good Things in life

The bachelor and bachelorette party ideas sound so bad when people make it about all the things the groom and bride will give up after marriage. If it is a good partnership, nobody has to give up any of the good things. They both need to make adjustments though. Maybe they cannot have their buddies over all the time, or party every weekend. But it all remains.

Make the bachelorette party about the new beginning. Welcome another married woman, or maybe the first married woman in your tribe to let everybody know that marital status does not make a difference in your party style. The tone of the bachelorette party should be about the good things. Any party pooper, who starts talking about the difficulties of a marriage, needs to be shut up. A bachelors or bachelorette’s party is the time the groom or bride might start getting cold feet. You can’t blame them. A commitment of a lifetime is not cakewalk if you take it seriously. But the best friends are there to remind the bride and groom why they are together in the first place, and why they even decided to get married.

So, bottom line, keep a strong positive atmosphere. Drown all the negativity. Nip all the pessimism in the bud and have fun.

Have your Own Way with the Fun

You can go for karaoke night, photo booths, go out clubbing, stay at home, have alcohol or not have alcohol, play dress up or stay in your pyjamas, do what you want. Do not conform to any bachelorette party ideas just because they are supposed to be a part of the usual bachelorette party. Don’t give into peer pressure. Here are some ideas that will suit different tastes.


No, not the campsite bonfire. This is going to be a very private bonfire where you burn symbolic souvenirs from past relationships or phases of life that you want to get over, or already have gotten over. This is not just a new beginning for the bride to be, but also a fresh start for all her best buddies. You don’t need further explanation.

You have watched Jab We Met, you have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The concept is very clear from various movies and TV shows. It is about time you did it for real. Be careful though. Don’t bring your house down. The terrace is the best place for this.

Truth or Dare

You girls must have played this all your childhood. The dares start getting crazier, and the truths deeper, as you grow up. As a part of bachelorette party activities, you need to raise the stakes even higher. You can raise the fun quotient by adding shots in the game. Whoever fails to perform a dare, or tell a whole interesting truth, drinks a shot.

Guess the Messenger

Take a glass bowl or bottle and have every member at the party write down notes for the bride or for any of the members. Pick them one by one and guess whom the message came from. This game is a good opportunity to send your best wishes and make it all cheesy. This is also the best opportunity to reveal little harmless but interesting secrets about each other.

Photo sessions

Of course you will take many selfies and group pictures. What is the point in making it look like a brand new idea? The point is, if you think about the photo sessions you can organise it well enough for some really cool photographs. Take your regular selfies towards the beginning of the party while you all are still looking fresh. But for the photo sessions, keep some cool props ready. Get balloons, funky oversized shades, beer bottles, actual branded shades, quirky tiaras, and whatever you want. Keep a colourful corner with satin drapes and yellow lampshades for a warm effect.

Pool Parties

If any of you has a pool at their house or housing complex, host the bachelorette party at that friend’s house. You can secure the area with some bamboos and drapes. Light up the place with fairy lights resting along the drapes. Add double layered drapes for privacy and have a gala time in the pool. Go for a swimsuit photoshoot that will remain private if you want. You can of course flaunt it on your Instagram if you want. But the point is to have fun in the moment.


If the party is to be held at a restaurant, you will obviously have a lot of food, cocktails, and mocktails. But if you have arranged for bachelorette party ideas that can only be executed in a more private setting, like somebody’s house, you need to take care of the refreshments yourself. Make sure there is enough to eat and drink. Snacks and finger food to go with the alcohol is a must. Don’t forget about your vegetarian and non alcoholic or pregnant friends if any. In that case you need to arrange for vegetarian snacks and mocktails too.

With these fun bachelorette party activities, you will forget about the groom for a few hours. You might wish your beau was here, but the whole point of a bachelorette party is to have fun without him. Somewhere he is doing the same. You must enjoy to the fullest so that both of you have a lot to tell each other and many photos to flaunt, and some, to hide.

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