5 Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Not every bride-to-be will want their bachelorette party to involve wearing a sash and drinking lots of alcohol. If you want to ensure she has the night of her life with all her friends, you should plan a day that perfectly complements her unique interests.

For a little help with the planning process, here are five alternative bachelorette party ideas to consider to help her celebrate leaving single life behind.

  1. Go Karting

If a bride-to-be has a need for speed or is simply wanting to have some fun with her girlfriends, go-karting might be the perfect choice. She will love battling it out to see if she can make her way around the track in the fastest time. However, don’t be tempted to let her win just because she’s set to say “I do.”

  1. A Wine Tasting Tour

If a bride-to-be appreciates the finer things in life and enjoys nothing more than a delicious glass of wine, consider booking a wine tasting session. For example, you can all enjoy a Napa and Sonoma wine country tour, or you could all hop on board the Napa Valley Wine Train and enjoy a gourmet lunch. It’s a fun and refined way to toast her upcoming nuptials together so that it might be the perfect activity for her personality. You can find out more at Ticket sale.

  1. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Why not organize a professionally-run scavenger hunt for a bachelorette party? Split the bride-to-be’s friends into groups, and each group could then be picked up by a limousine and driven across the city to solve clues.

Each group will have plenty of fun trying to figure out the clues while drinking champagne, and you can then reunite all her friends at a bar to spend the rest of the night talking about the adventure and making plenty of fun memories together.

  1. Book a Spa Weekend

What could be better than relaxing in a beautiful location being pampered from head-to-toe? If this sounds like a bride-to-be’s idea of heaven, consider booking a spa weekend together or a spa night at home.

It is a great way to wash away her pre-wedding jitters, as you can all enjoy a luxurious massage, rejuvenating facial, and a beautiful manicure and pedicure. A pamper weekend will also ensure she looks even more beautiful on her big day. It is an ideal alternative for a bride-to-be who hates the thought of donning wedding sashes for a bachelorette party.

  1. Rent a Cabin for the Weekend

The chances are a bride-to-be just wants to spend a fun weekend with her girlfriends, and there’s no better way to do just that than by renting a cabin for the weekend. You will each stay in a comfortable house to cook, dance and watch movies together. Fill your days with board games and TV boxsets and your evenings with cocktails, dinner parties, and music. It will be a fun experience a bride-to-be will never forget – and neither will the whole group.

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