Free Adobe Lightroom Presets – The Best Presets for Wedding, Portrait, Landscapes and more

Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Nowadays taking a photo is only halfway, as it requires deep photo editing as well. Fortunately, using Lightroom in combination with the high-quality LR presets, you can get amazing results immediately without hiring a professional photographer or photo retoucher. Such adjustments help you edit photos more efficiently than performing all the steps separately.

Lightroom Presets Benefits

TIME. There are also many reasons to use the free Adobe Lightroom presets, especially if you appreciate your time. They will let you make the photo more interesting and have everything done just in one click. It is better to spend some time having used Lightroom presets rather than waste your energy on correcting colors of every single photo.

EASY USE. At the same time, the free Adobe Lightroom presets are very easy to use and you don’t need some special Lightroom skills. In case you want to change any preset a little bit, you can easily do this as they are completely customizable.

STYLISH. Thanks to them you can receive any popular effect: matte, pastel, light & airy, high end black & white.

The only problem is that it is really difficult to find really high-quality presets for free. We recommend downloading free Adobe Lightroom presets designed by professional photo editing services as FixThePhoto and All you have to do is to write your e-mail and receive them without a long registration and hidden payments.

FixThePhoto Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

In case you are tired of spending much of your workflow on editing a great number of photos, this service will definitely help you. A team of professionals designed these free Lightroom presets and decided to present them to other photographers and beginning image retouchers. You will have an opportunity to experiment with 36 collections, which include HDR, Black&White Adobe Lightroom free presets, as well as free Lightroom presets for portraits, wedding, landscape, urban photography and many other interesting effects.

B&W presets. This collection lets you make your photos monochrome and add some special dreamy atmosphere. Such effects will look great with all types of pictures, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Wedding presets. This bundle of free Lightroom presets wedding is perfectly suitable for the photo session of a Big Day. You’ll be able to make the photos more tender, subtle and natural.

Best free presets 2017. It is the collection that will inspire you for creative ideas and experiments. You can try to edit any type of photos, and be sure that the result will be amazing. All 2018 trendy effects are gathered here.

Presets for Portraits. The bundle performs incredible things with your portrait photos, highlighting their essential details.

Landscape presets. This collection will help you create truly magical landscapes as well as correct some lightning fails and remove little imperfections.

Urban presets. Do you want to make the streets in the pictures look bright and attractive, preserving the natural atmosphere? Such a bundle will suit perfectly. You can also use these presets to add more vivid colors.

HDR presets. This package includes vintage, nightclub, and HDR plugins. Try to experiment with different photos and select your perfect style, colors, and mood.

Real estate photography presets. Such a package is designed to enhance the pictures of the property, interior and exterior shots. These plugins will let you highlight every detail and give it a more appealing look for real estate agents.

Presets for natural light. With the help of this collection of free Lightroom presets you will be able to enhance both cool and warm photos, and at the same time preserve their natural colors.

Moody presets. This package consists of 30 presets for any purpose. They are completely suitable for all the photos, especially portrait fashion photography.

Product photography presets. What should you do to make the product look ideal? Why not apply this collection of presets, and the amazing result will be not long in coming. Highly recommended for product photos on a white background to post in Instagram.

Presets for newborns. The photos of newborns require special tenderness and warmth. These presets will make the photos more touching and sweet, and remove a reddish skin. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Find more free Lightroom presets for absolutely every type of photography. About 30 amazing bundles for any requirements and taste.

Pastel presets. If you need a candid, relaxed, and natural light effect on your photos, choose this package. 10 Lightroom presets to make vintage photos in 1 click.

Film presets. If you need the best free Lightroom presets 2018 for fashion and street photography, check this set. The collection will allow you to make the shots brighter and more elegant and the background will look more sophisticated and trendy.

Light & Airy Lightroom presets. It does not matter whether the photos were taken in a studio or outside, on a cloudy day or under direct sunlight, as there you’ll definitely find the presets for any purpose. Moreover, you can try to apply other sets as Matte or Warm collections. They are very useful if your aim is to adjust lightning on your images.

Black & White presets. A great advantage of this bundle of Adobe Lightroom free presets is that they may be applied to any type of image, starting with landscapes and ending with portraits. It gives a jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, memorable and captivating monochromatic effect.

City presets. By their very nature, cities offer a varied and fascinating photography subject. This set will add a dramatic and charming effect to your urban photographs.

In short, having such a diversity of amazing free presets you can’t but check all of them They’re completely adjustable and ideally suit almost every photography genre. Have any doubts? Download and try right now!

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