Beauty Landscapes Illustrations By Laura Bifano

Beauty Landscapes Illustrations By Laura Bifano

“I always knew that I wanted to be an artist,” says Laura Bifano. This illustrator living in Canada was first inspired by video games. “I spent most of my formative years playing it,” she adds. From now on, it is the nature that she discovers through daily excursions which is at the heart of her work and her reflection. “My husband and I moved to a city with a culture of vibrant outdoor living. World-class hiking and climbing spots are just 20 minutes from here. I think this change in my hobbies has opened new doors for me in my work. Before, I was looking for inspiration in books and movies. Now, I go hiking and I come back with ideas for twenty new paintings! “.

Since graduating from the College of Art and Design in the City of Alberta, Laura has been working as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist in a small animation studio in Calgary, Canada. “During the first year of the design program during my studies, we were not allowed to touch a computer. We made all our projects with paper cut and all our drawings were handmade. This is where the “simplistic”, elegant and efficient aspect of my work comes from. This eliminates all unnecessary details and leaves room for the most important elements.

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