If Bumblebee Only has Two wheels

If Bumblebee Only has Two wheels

Commissioned by Boneheart for a custom motorbike lottery, deBolex decided to reinvent the Yamaha MT-10, a bike with a future-forward, aggressive body, giving it a custom makeover with a new style that looks parts retro, parts, American Muscle, with a flavor that is reminiscent of Bumblebee from the Transformers.

Stripping the original MT-10 of its aggressive body parts, the deBolex team replaced them with a more subdued, yet equally alluring body-job, comprising custom aluminum panels. The front features a dual-headlight design similar to the original, but with a recessed design, while the back sports a completely integrated taillight, turn signals, and license plate holder for a cleaner look.

The bike comes with an orange/black paint-job, inspired by the McLaren 570, and an upholstered seat featuring Alcantara leather and vinyl, which can be detached and removed to access the electronics underneath. Lastly, deBolex signed off the bike with a 1/1 symbol at the back, signifying that the bike is the first and only one ever made of its kind.

Designer: deBolex (Commissioned by Boneheart)

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