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On December 8, 2018 a new project of the wristwatch on the basis of unique indicator lamps from Ukrainian engineers Yaroslav Tilnov and Ivan Sergienko inspired by design and innovation has successfully started on the IndieGoGo.


Nixoid and Glower and ERA are Nixie Tube wristwatches and they are definitely not the first. Coming from Ukrainian watchmaker Handcrafted Workshop, these super cool timepieces use symbol tubed IN-16, IV-9 and IV-3A to display time. Mind you, though, the tubes aren’t just any Nixie tube. They are made in the USSR for military applications, pulled from old military warehouses. These tubes have thick glass and are said to very resistant to vibrations, and hence they are very suited for wrist watch application.


Clear, but smoothly smoothed edges of the watch, bright shine of indicators inside the tubes, mysterious flicker, during the display of the date and time. All this, in the aggregate, will make you wear this accessory.

Here’s the details of the Nixoid model, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Nixoid use IN-16 nixie tubes to display the time. Specifically for the Nixoid clock we develop an algorithm for synchronous ignition of lamps and anti-poisoning of cathodes, so the resource of the IN-16 indicators increased several times and the viewing of the time became more beautiful. Nixoid high voltage generation system has a power reserve of 3.57 times, it is very reliable. Specifically for the Nixoid we develop dynamic backlight charging battery level. When the battery is 100% charged, tubes has backlight like nuclear color, during use backlight slowly stay a green color.

Here’s the official details of the Glower model:

Glower use IV-9 numitron tubes to display the time. Small filaments are glow in NOS gas. It is look very futuristic. It is a new thing in tube wristwatches era. This watch small and very light. Glower watches use narrowly specialized microcircuits for controlling the filaments in the numitron IV-9 tubes, which made it possible to simplify the clock circuit and reduce the current consumption. We add battery percentage in menu, only long press a button and you can see the information about battery.

Here’s the official details of the ERA model:

ERA use IV-3A VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) tubes. Each tube has a phosphor coated anode that is bombarded by electrons emmited from the cathode filament. VFD tubes emits a very bright light with high contrast. We thought about making a wristwatch with this tubes for a long time and we did it. It was very difficult to make a small-sized scheme that can operate with such tubes effectively. They are unique, there are no analogues in the worls, we were the first to present a wrist watch with VFD tubes. ERA has a complex, but very accurate hight voltage generation system. Specifially for the ERA we add a battery percentage in menu and beatiful segment animation.


Excellent Nixie Watch / ver. 1 – it is a collaboration project of Ukrainian engineers and promotion of groups. A dense connection, people who know their business, who gradually and meticulously built a strategy for the promotion of the project, shows its result.

You can find out more information about the new Excellent Nixie Watch / ver. 1 over at Indiegogo at the link below. Prices for they early bird Glower start at $195 and the early bird Nixoid at $220.

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