Magnificent Street Photography by Ryan Mamba

Magnificent Street Photography by Ryan Mamba

There are many ways to describe and explain street photography. I think they limit your vision. And vision is essential.

Street photography is the art of capturing life, culture, and humanity, in a candid manner. It is fascinating because a small percentage of photographers seem to be naturally drawn to it. Even before hearing about the phrase street photography, which can be a clunky term anyway, there are many photographers who prefer to point their cameras in the direction of culture and people that they’ve never met before, over mountains, sunsets, and landscapes.

If you are still confused about what street photography is, maybe the masterpiece below can explain it. Magnificent street scenarios by Ryan Mamba, a talented self-taught photographer, visual storyteller, and urban explorer from Singapore. Ryan focuses mainly on architecture, urban and street photography. He has almost 50K fans on Instagram.

More info: Instagram / Website

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