The Beauty of Water in Aerial Photos by Milan Radisics

The Beauty of Water in Aerial Photos from Above

Milan Radisics is a multidisciplinary photographer and visual narrator who has always worked on photographic essays or series telling a story. Originally from Yugoslavia, he is the mastermind behind Water.Shape.Earth. An ingenious project that allows people to (re) discover the beauty, but also the fragility of the water through beautiful landscapes.

To do this, aerial photographs and narrations are combined. A way to visually understand the role of water. Abstract and documentary, the results of aerial photographs, supplemented by shared stories, concretely show how this element shapes the planet and its life. Here, they “emphasize its importance in the face of climate change and our destructive tendencies”. To illustrate this idea, several places in Europe, such as Spain, Azerbaijan, Iceland or Italy, were photographed.

Because the stories start with chapters, they are no exception to the rule and revolve around seven major chapters: ‘The beginning of the end’, ‘Vains of earth’, Giddies of land), ‘Lagoons – between water and land’, ‘Waterscapes’, ‘Coexistence’, ‘Human print’ and ‘Dry’ planet ‘(Dry planet).

To read the stories and learn more about the project, visit the Site. To see more, visit their Instagram.

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