4 Places Every Photographer Should Visit

4 Places Every Photographer Should Visit

Today, photographic equipment is lighter, faster, more mobile, and more rugged than ever before. What this means, then, is that there has never been a better time for keen photographers to travel the world and take snaps of all its wonders.

To find four destinations that every photographer should visit at least once in their lifetime, make sure to read on.


With its maritime culture that harks back to the Viking period, its host of glaciers, mountains, and deep fjords, and the colorful wooden houses that litter its historic cities, Norway is a photographer’s dream destination.

To get the best shot possible in Norway, all photographers should seek to sit atop of 2000’ fjord. If you do decide to take such a course of action, make sure that you are incredibly careful. Up there, there are no guardrails, so your safety will be down to the actions that you and you alone take.


For photographers that want to take snaps of the modern world’s greatest wonders, then Dubai is the place to head to. It might not have the history that, say, Rome or Machu Pichu have, but it sure makes up for it with some of the most striking architecture that the world has to offer.

As a landscape photographer who is interested in catching picturesque scenes, you should make sure to get a shot of Downtown Dubai at dawn. If you can do so from a high vantage point (a hotel or office building will do), then you will be sure to catch the morning fog rolling into the city.


Unlike Dubai and the rest of The United Arab Emirates, history can be found and felt at every turn upon a visit to Greece. Whether you, as a photographer, choose to take snaps of The Acropolis in Athens, or whether you head out to one of its islands, such as Kefalonia, you will be sure to fill your camera with a host of great photographs.

If you want to turn your photographic trip to Greece into a full-blown holiday, then why not check out some Kefalonia villa holidays? By doing so, not only will you have perfect photos stored on your camera, but you will have some magical memories to look back on, too.


In a photographic sense, Vermont is probably the U.S.’s most beautiful state. Upon a visit here, you will be able to take snaps of mountains, covered bridges, and small country towns.

To get the optimum ‘Vermont photo,’ you have to capture its fall foliage overlooking any one of its historical townships, such as Middlebury or Stowe — make sure that you book your trip to Vermont once the summer is over, then.

Due to the ever-growing capabilities of today’s top photography tech, there is no excuse for photographers not to get out there and see what the planet has to offer through a camera’s lens. If you decide to take up this challenge, make sure to check out the destinations listed above.

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