How To Remove Background From Image

How To Remove Background From Image

Photo editing is an essential term in almost all the industries including small, medium and large companies. Background removal is one of the key services of this term. As cutting out the background from a photo is a kind of complicated matter, you should go through a flexible and easy way. At first, let’s know why should you use this technique!

Why Do You Need To Remove Background?

  • To increase the usability of the image is one of the main reasons behind the background removal service.
  • This technique is used to remove unwanted backdrop of an image. It’s a serious issue as a backdrop can reduce the focus of your image.
  • To make images more appealing, you have to concern about removing the background. Many more factors also cause increasing the appeal of a photo. It is one of them.
  • Whether you wish to enhance your image property, it can be an important matter.
  • Background removal service is important enough for the e-commerce industry. An online business needs a massive task in this category. To show your product to the customer online, it plays a vital role.
  • It makes your picture unique. This is a kind of service that your photo gets far different and improved characteristics after applying the technique.
  • Again business fact comes out! It draws potential buyer’s attention through your images given in the page.

Let’s Know How To Remove Background From Image

There are many different ways to remove the background from an image. Using Photoshop or any other free background remover tools can be used in this task. Many online service providers like Image Retouching Lab use to work on this work. Now, I am going to brief some of the most popular and easy tools that help to transform your image more appealing.

  • FotoFuze: To remove the poor quality background, FotoFuze is an exceptional tool that can be used. With a very few simple steps, it can complete the task. After uploading your image, you will find a tool named as ‘magic highlighter’. This option will let you highlight the photo, and then you will be able to see the live preview. FotoFuze helps you to correct the image with the background you expect. If it doesn’t happen properly, then check the ‘error overlay’ box. It will suggest whether anything goes wrong at the time of processing your photo.
  • Background Burner: This online tool is free and useful for a beginner who wishes to remove the background of an image. It has a button called ‘Touchup’ to open an editing window. Then, you have to come across the ‘pixel tools’ button to erase the background and apply a new shape to your image. Another best part of this application is to get more than one pictures (3/4) as the output. It will help you to choose the best one from them. Isn’t it cool?
  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office is another favorite online tool that is extremely easy to use. It removes the background from the images for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It has an option named ‘remove background’ after going through picture format settings. It will let you change the expected area you want. If the image is more complex, then use the buttons- ‘Mark Areas to Keep’ and ‘Mark Areas to Remove’. When you are done, click to ‘keep changes’ button to save your image.
  • PicMonkey: When it comes to talking about an online tool for photo editing, PicMonkey is a great choice for both the beginners and professionals. You can easily replace a poor quality background with a better one. At first, you have to create a blank canvas and make it transparent. After going to the Overlays Menu, upload/download the image. Then remove the background using the eraser and save it. So simple! By the way, if you are not enough expert, PicMonkey can be your Photoshop alternative.
  • GIMP: GIMP is one of the enriched photo editing tools that can be used to remove background easily from an image. It is known as a GNU manipulation software to manipulate the image in many different methods. You can use it as a full-fledged photo retouching tool in various operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone. Though among all features, background removal is a kind of tricky task for this tool, you can try this for some specific reasons only.
  • Clipping Magic: Clipping Magic is a simple, complex free online tool to remove the background from an image. You can use this program as the alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It provides many additional features and settings to make your task easier. It has two different options as green tool and red tool. The first one is to mark the object you want to keep, and the other one is to mark the background you want to remove. When you mark them, you can see the ultimate result to the other panel in real time.
  • PhotoScissors Online: PhotoScissors Online is a kind of similar web tool as the ClippingMagic. It is another easy to use online program to make your background removal task simple. It has two different features to mark the object and background. The red tool marks the background, and the green tool marks the object to remove. The algorithm itself removes the background and as per your need. If you still make any mistake, you have to option to repeat the process by clicking the ‘Undo’ button.
  • Fotor: Fotor comes with smart filters and effects to make your photo appealing. It enables to edit images in the web and desktop version as well. The basic tool allows to change brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. The background remover tool extracts objects and removes the background from the images. Just mark the regions you want to delete and see the magic of the program. After making the background transparent, you can change the background as per your choice.

Wrap Up

Though there are many online tools to remove the background of an image, I just figured out a few ones for you. At first, you need to know the reason why it needs and how it goes? Then, select the suitable one for your image. So which one you like most from the list above?

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