Wonderful Surreal Photography by Miss Aniela

Wonderful Surreal Photography by Miss Aniela

Rarely we are absolutely stunned about this kind of artwork, Miss Aniela takes surreal photography to a whole new level. Miss Aniela is a fine-art and commercial photographer based in London. Aniela’s photography crosses the boundaries into a world of potential that doesn’t live with the norm. In this post we gathered a great selection of her work and be intrigued by the surrealism she created. Surrealism is the language of dreams, visions and prophecies.

Every artwork speaks in riddles and leaves us restless finding meanings for it. I’m not sure why they enchant me this much, but I just can’t get tired of these fashion photos. As a big fan of surrealism and photo manipulations i am very inspired by this work.

From the model and fashion design to the architecture and props, Miss Aniela does it all. Each shot has its own story, with many surreal qualities that allow every element of the image to complement one another. On her awesome Saatchi Art gallery you will find artworks from her most recent two series, Surreal Fashion and Ecology. This round-up includes some of my favorite photographs from the Surreal Fashion collection. Much of her work carries the strong thread of surrealism, as well as story telling.

Using a magnifying glass in artwork below, enabled the artist to turn a simple beauty portrait into something more fancy. The color blue of the magnified eye made the overall color palette of the picture more interesting, the reflections in the glass add a further dimension to the piece.

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