Essay on Role of Typography in Graphic Design

Essay on Role of Typography in Graphic Design

There is such a thing as typography, which is responsible for transforming our usual text into an element of graphic design. It is very important to give the text an interesting and attractive form for the reader because it contains all the necessary information. Therefore, typography has long been an integral part of the art of decoration.

The Concept of Typography

Typography is a set of recommendations for the use of fonts and design tools that allow you to create an interesting and clear for the reader’s text. Typography also refers to the art of graphic design, which uses modeling and editing to breathe life into the text and interest the user not only with its content but also with the graphics component.

There are many professions associated with typography. The authors and editors of publications, book designers, graphic designers, typesetters, printers, advertising designers and others work with it. Typography is the link between the author and the reader, which contributes to a better and brighter perception of the text content.

The emergence of this phenomenon can be attributed to the XV century when all the books were written by hand, and the ability to beautifully decorate the text was considered art. Much time has passed since then, fonts appeared and were transformed, but their main task, to make the text readable and interesting, remained unchanged.

Nowadays, typography is an integral part of the design of any site. Good typography always has a positive effect on the effectiveness of a web resource. It is especially important for sites that work with large amounts of information, which in the form of articles, news and all sorts of stories provide users.

One of the main goals when working with the site is to increase conversions. For this, a lot of effort is applied, landing pages are optimized, graphic design is improved, interesting texts are written and placed. But all these efforts will allow you to get only an incomplete result if you do not pay due attention to typography.

If you understand the principle of typography and the peculiarities of its use, you can find the perfect solution for how to provide information to the reader so that it stimulates him to make a profitable decision. Wrong choice of typography will make your site boring for visitors and they will not want to stay on it.

The main characteristics of typography include:

  • typeface or type of outline – a design that combines groups of characters; font – headset style with a certain height of letters, length, etc.;
  • the length of the line or the horizontal distance between the left and right edges of the text block;
  • leading or spacing between lines;
  • kerning – the distance between the characters;
  • tracking – spaces and density of characters in a word or sentence.

How It Works

The role of typography in the perception of information is difficult to overestimate. If its components are chosen correctly, it allows you to convey the idea to the reader in the most accessible form. If the text on your site has the wrong format: the words in the sentences are tightly arranged, the small font or the letters in the words are close to each other, then it will be rather difficult to perceive such text. And this, in turn, will lead to the fact that your potential customers do not catch the essence of your message, making every effort to simply read it, or, without thinking twice, leave your resource.

All texts in typography are based on certain models of the visual hierarchy, which is formed through the use of different fonts and visual distinction techniques.

n 2012, The New York Times conducted an experiment called “Are you an optimist or pessimist?” In which participants had to read an excerpt from the book and answer “yes” or “no” to a couple of questions

The purpose of the experiment: to determine whether the font style on the reader’s confidence in the text. Attended by 40 thousand people who were shown the same paragraph in different styles: Comic Sans, Computer Modern, Georgia, Trebuchet, Baskerville, Helvetica.

Result: the text written by Comic Sans and Helvetica did not inspire readers’ confidence, but Baskerville, on the contrary, caused agreement that, according to psychologists, is related to its formal appearance.

It is worth noting that a well-designed and composed text captures a person, information is read quickly and as if in one breath.

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