How To Successfully Photograph Uncooperative Kids

How To Successfully Photograph Uncooperative Kids

With smartphones and digital cameras, taking photos is now easier than ever — over one trillion digital photos were taken in 2018. Taking nice photos of children, however, will always pose a challenge. Let’s face it: kids have limited attention spans, impromptu mood swings, and they may simply not be on the same page as you that day.

A successful photoshoot with children requires advance planning to get the location and lighting right, as well as patience and a playful attitude.

Let them play

No child wants to sit still posing and faking smiles for the camera. So, let them play! You’ll only be able to capture great shots if the kids are enjoying themselves. Make sure the location is spacious enough for them to have fun, run around, and be free. You can also play games with them. Throwing kids in the air is bound to get a laugh, no matter what mood they’re in.

When children are relaxed, you’ll get genuine expressions, laughter and happiness. After they’ve had a chance to let loose, you’ll then have a better chance at capturing calmer photos. By the end, you’ll have a beautiful collection of images which can easily be curated with an online collage maker.

Choose a location with good lighting

If possible, shoot in natural light. An outdoor location with plenty of wide, flat light is ideal. You won’t have time to set up a reflector or an off-camera flash while you’re trying to capture shots of the children playing. Knowing the lighting is already good to go will give you one less thing to worry about, and increase your chances of getting a good shot.

Aim to shoot in the morning or early evening to avoid the harsh shadows cast by the midday sun. If lighting is less than ideal, make sure to have flash already enabled on your camera. If you’re shooting indoors, do so near to a large window to make the most out of available natural light. You may also want to use artificial lighting.

Don’t try to force the shoot after the kids get tired. Even if you’ve only gotten ten minutes from them, it’ll become so much harder to capture great pictures if they’re no longer feeling it. Have a break and see if they’re more cooperative afterwards. If not, call it a day. With plenty of patience and smiles, you’re bound to have a successful photo shoot with children.

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