10 Tips to Design the Perfect Business Card

10 Tips to Design the Perfect Business Card

Handing out business cards to potential clients might be one of the smartest moves in marketing. Not only does it make your business look professional and genuine, it also enables your potential clients to contact you much easier. However, small businesses find it hard to have experts design their business cards due to fund shortages, StationeryXpress has the solution for them. In such cases, you must be sure to design the card yourself. Well, here are the top tips you need to design the perfect business card.

1. Get ideas from already designed business cards

Before you can go ahead with designing your business card, you must first look at designs from different companies. This will help you decide which design suits your card better. This definitely makes your work easier while designing the card.

2. Decide the information that need to be in the card

The information that is to be inscribed on the card often determines the design to be adopted. In that case, you need to make sure that you have carefully analyzed all the essential information to include in the card. The most crucial information should include the contact details and the name of the organization or business.

3. Ensure that the information is well legible

A business card is a small document that is meant to fit in the wallet. This means that there is limitation to the amount of information it can hold. For this reason, you need to ensure that only the crucial information is included on the card to ensure that it is properly legible.

4. Include a QR code on the card

The easiest and most effective way of including all the essential information about your company on the card is to include a QR code. This helps you provide the contact information of the company while saving on space on the card. This helps the card to remain simple and uncluttered by information. Decoding the information behind the code however, requires a QR code scanner.

5. Use quality material for the cards

To ensure that your cards are more durable, you need to use a strong material that doesn’t wear out as fast as some paper types. Therefore, you must invest in a quality material that can produce high-quality cards that are durable and presentable. This ensures that the information remains embedded on the cards for a longer period.

6. Choose a suitable underlying design

The secret to designing the perfect business card is to use a unique design that easily catches the eye of the potential client. In that sense, you must find a unique yet appropriate design to use while designing the paper. You must ensure that the design is simple but attractive.

A presentable business card might be what you just need to draw in potential clients. Many people are more intrigued by the external appearance of the business when making decisions. The card should portray a genuine and trustable company.

7. Use different graphics design websites

Thanks to technology and the internet, you can now design your business card online without much complications. With websites like businessprint.ie, you can design any kind of business card online and download it once you are satisfied with how it looks. This might come at a small cost but it is totally worth it.

The good thing about it is that you hold complete control over how your card looks and it saves you a lot of time and money. As such, you can simply get a card that totally suits you within an hour or less by using such websites.

8. Be sure to include the company logo

Not only the information is important in the card, you must also include the unique company logo. The logo should be the trademark to your company and in that case, it must be unique. You can use online graphics websites to design the logo.

9. Include the positioning statement of the company

While designing the card, it is wise that you include the positioning statement or motto of the business. The statement should also be compelling to ensure that it gets the potential clients intrigued by the idea of working with the company.

10. Proofread the contents of the card before printing

Making an era can be very expensive especially when you have already done the printing. In that case, you need to carefully analyze the card to make sure that there are no mistakes. This ensures that you save a lot of money printing new cards by ensuring that the cards are perfect from the start.Business cards are among the most crucial marketing tools in the world today. Considering having one shows that you are in the right truck towards the success with your business. Now, you will surely make the perfect business card for your company if you take into consideration each of these tips. Printing Machine

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