Shark Bay’s Beautiful Landscapes Viewed From the Sky

Shark Bay’s Beautiful Landscapes Viewed From The Sky 2

Originally from the Loire Valley in France, photographer Jerome Berbigier has been living in Australia for about ten years, where he fully nourishes his passion for open spaces, the sea and nature. With his recent series “Shark Bay”, the artist explores the natural spaces offered by this bay, located north of the city of Perth. “From the sky, Shark Bay is a strangely organic landscape.

It is as if one observed the cellular structure of the continent under the microscope, “explains Jerome Berbigier. With his images, the photographer takes us height to discover a colorful bay in which minerals, salt and lagoons merge.

For more landscapes of Jerome Berbigier, go to Instagram.

About Jerome Berbigier

I was born in the Loire Valley, France, and moved to Australia in 2007. I started photography around the same time. Drawn to the outdoors, growing up close to the Atlantic Ocean and now living in Sydney I have always maintained a strong connection to the sea. Australia has fostered my passion for adventure, travel, and nature in general. I like capturing wide spaces, dramatic landscapes and changing weather conditions. Photography is an extension of this fascination with the land and water. The camera captures the time I spend in unique places, living the moment and showing fractions of it through photographs. The final images are sometimes surreal interpretations. In the last few years, my pictures have been featured in various photography and travel magazines.

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