How To Turn Your Picture-Perfect Dream Into Reality And Jump-start Your Career In Photography

How To Turn Your Picture Perfect Dream Into Reality

Photography, whether freelance or not, has been a growing industry for the past few years. According to MarketWatch, the Compound Annual Growth Rate of the industry is expected to further increase by 6.4% between 2020 to 2025. With this in mind, who would not want to turn their passion for photography into a money-making career?

In the world of photography, there are various styles to try, countless moments to capture, amazing places to shoot and lots of people to showcase your talent. However, starting a business in photography is no easy task. But with talent and patience, there is always a way to jump-start your career the right way. 

Focus on Your Passion

As a newcomer in the industry, you may have to be more flexible with which gigs to take. However it is also important to determine what type of photography you are most into because this is where you want to be in the future. Whether it is specializing in food, portraits, events or animals, knowing and honing your skills based on passion will help you excel more in this field. 

Pick the Right Gear

Most photographers think purchasing a high-end camera means that they will get the same results as some of the best photographers. However, to become a successful photographer, you must combine both talent and gear to achieve the perfect shot. It is best to start with a NikonD5100 or Canon RebelT3i, which are great models for beginners. If you have been around for quite a time, the Nikon D750 or Canon 70D are also worth investing. 

Whether you choose Nikon, Canon, or Sony, the success of your photography business does not only rely on the brand. Remember, the eye of the photographer is the main gear you need to capture amazing shots, not the camera alone. 

Stay Protected With Better Coverage

Working in the photography industry can be unpredictable. Accidents may happen and the best way to keep your mind at ease is to be insured. According to, investing in photography coverage protects you and your crew from any financial loss due to on-the-job injuries or unexpected weather conditions. Not to mention, whether a team member or client is injured and decides to file a complaint against your business, having liability coverage can help cover court fees, settlement costs, and other legal necessities. 

Build a Strong Portfolio

Clients are looking for photographers that can show that exactly what they’re looking for. Thus, building your portfolio is just as essential as the right camera gear. Start by building your portfolio by asking friends and family to do a photoshoot or cover their parties. Consider volunteering at local community centers that host events, family parties, or even special events at school or in the workplace. 

Establishing yourself as a photographer can be a fulfilling career as you create memorable moments for years to come. So if you have the eye for photography, grab your camera and explore the industry of photography.