Encapsulating Your Proposal

Encapsulating Your Proposal

Engagements are pivotal moments that many are looking to capture on camera. Catching that big moment when you propose to your sweetie can be a big part of planning a proposal. Whether you want to have a private time for just the two of you or if you have a large gathering awaiting you, creating a photograph to encapsulate the memory will allow you to forever remember this momentous occasion. Consider how you can photograph the perfection of your engagement with these suggestions.

The Ring

As you look to document your big day, make sure that you have your ring ready and visible. While a photo of you on one knee or looking at your sweetie with the small box in hand may suggest a proposal, it is even better when the ring itself is visible. Whether you choose a gemstone that your loved one adores or a ring with man made diamonds that will perfectly catch the light, make sure that this beautiful representation of your love is displayed front and center. Showcasing the ring is important, but also consider keeping the ring securely tucked away in a box, but visible for any photos being taken, so that you can photograph your proposal without the worry of dropping it.


A professional photographer may be a great route for many couples during the proposal. Not only can you have a beautifully shot archive of your big moment, but you can also not worry about their ability to capture the proposal. When you hire your photographer, make sure that you clearly outline your expectations for the day. Hiring a photographer who can conceal their presence, but also get the right shot, will keep you from getting distracted or having someone in the way on the day of. While these can be costly, the bonus is vetting someone who could potentially also serve as the vendor for your future wedding, if you are happy with their product and service.

Hidden Camera

While a hidden camera may seem like a strange concept, this can allow you to document the full course of events and enjoy the moment. Hiding a camera for your proposal will be a significantly less expensive option than a traditional photographer, as many of us have phones and electronics that are at our disposal to use. When you are setting this up, there is the challenge of setting up the shot, as your camera will not be able to move with you and rather be in a set position. Make sure that you take some time for a test run of the setup before the big day so that you can be sure to catch your big to your heart’s desire.

Photos After

It is common these days for couples to commemorate their engagement through photos that they take later on at an engagement photoshoot. This allows the couple to feel ready for their picture-perfect memory. While this can take place with a professional photographer, a close relative or a friend, it can be fun to get dolled up to enhance this important time for the two of you.

Alone Time

While many people today have their entire lives posted on social media and archived forever, it is important to also take some time alone as a couple after the proposal. While documenting your excitement and the proposal can be a beautiful way to commemorate the experience, enjoy the joy and thrill of being newly engaged together without any distractions of flashing cameras or poses.

Getting engaged is an amazing time in many couples’ lives, and it is popular to document those wondrous experiences. Creating your archive can be done in a myriad of ways to fit all styles, needs and budgets. However you choose to approach this big moment, make sure that it does not take away from you and your significant other so that you can bask in your love and not detract from it.